Soul Journey

Holotropic Breathwork is described as meaning "moving into wholeness." This is a practice that uses breathing and other elements to allow access to non-ordinary states for the purpose of self-exploration and healing. Holotropic Breathwork and Soul Gazing Circles in Chris's sessions offer a safe and connected space - allowing you to shift energy and blockages held within your body's cellular memory (often times on an unconscious level). Christopher has combined his expertise in trance work and hypnotherapy along with his background in Meditation, Mindfulness, and Breathwork to create a modality he terms “Soul Journey” which offers all the benefits of Eastern and Western practices in a form of healing modality that works for private, couples, groups, workshops, conference and team building groups, and can be personalized to events/activities of your choice. Personalized Soul Journey’s can be created to help with deeper sleep, anxiety, grief and trauma, addiction, and many more areas of healing.

Please contact Christopher for further information and to book your event 310.945.7820.

Some testimonials from Soul Journey’s and Breathwork:

- "Chris made us realize the power and healing effect of visualization and storytelling.

As a storyteller I was both inspired and healed."

- "An amazing magical journey I will always remember- truly profound, loving spiritual, brilliant, loved it!!!"

- "Chris' therapy took me to places I never thought about before and healed a part of me that needed healing for many years."

- "Invigorating speaker, knows how to involve and embrace his entire audience. I relaxed very well during his guided imagery, what an awesome ride!"

- "Chris took me on a journey that reached deep into my heart. I will remember that always."

- "He made me believe again in the mystical/physical bridge, such an amazing heart opener."