- "Before I met Chris Causey I was honestly hopeless.  I couldn't see my future at all and couldn't picture the next week of my life, let alone the next year, or ten years.  Entering treatment felt like my last chance, and I was terrified about who my counselor would be.   I have suffered a lot of trauma specifically from males and was very weary about having a male counselor.  As soon as I met Chris though, I knew I had landed in the right place.  Working with Chris helped me to come out of my shell, combat my shame, and not just talk about my trauma, but truly work through it.  By doing the assignments Chris gave me, I was able to confront my trauma with my mind, body, and soul.  I attacked my trauma from all fronts in a safe and loving environment and though I was challenged, I was never judged.  Chris always pushed me just enough, and more importantly encouraged me to push myself.  Now, because of the work we did together, I am living a life I never could have imagined.  I now have gone three years without acting out in my eating disorder and other negative behaviors, and I was strong enough to go to court and put my perpetrator in prison.  In terms of daily life, I am now living on my own, I am back in school working towards my degree, and I am in a heathy and loving relationship.  I can't thank Chris enough for giving me the tools I have now that have totally turned my life around!"– CS


- "The Stork-  I had been struggling with sexual trauma for many years before I began meeting with Chris.  I found myself in a new and promising relationship that I was feeling very hopeful about.  I wanted to move forward with my life and have a family. For some reason, however, I couldn't get pregnant.  I wanted to, but I was so haunted by my abuse and my body was still holding on to all the pain and horror.  A friend referred me to this guy (Chris) who had a new technique for dealing with trauma (breath work).  At first I thought she was crazy, but at that point I was willing to try anything. My first session was a group session, and I left there a new person. I can honestly say that Chris has changed my life and my family.  I had more sessions with him.  I am now the proud mother of a beautiful little girl.  I like to think of Chris as my little stork. I would be stuck in my nightmare still today if it weren't for his magical powers assisting me in my healing.  It's amazing that this breath work can transform a person, but it did for me, and I know it can for you!"

 -D.Dean, Orlando FL


 - "Chris is AMAZING!  If you are on the fence about whether or not to meet with him, GO; you won't regret it!!!  The thing I love the most about him is that he personalizes your treatment for YOU and your needs.  I have been to many traditional therapists over the years and they all seem to follow their own agenda.  I knew I found MY therapist in him when he tried different things than anyone else, which dealt directly with what I came to him for!  When I first met him I was a big ball of mess.  I was anxiety ridden, struggling with addiction, insecure, lost.  He looked into my soul and helped me be my better self again. With his help I am proud to say I have overcome my addictive behaviors, I am more confident, I have been able to hold a steady job, and I feel there is a purpose in my life again.  Thank you so much Chris !!!  I LOVE YOU!!!"

 -Roxy.C  Gainesville, FL


- "I had been through a lot of treatment and seen a lot of therapists when I started working with Chris, yet immediately I knew something was going to be very different. As a trauma survivor I was very skilled at talking well and looking good- I could even talk about some pretty terrible things but be a million miles away. No other therapist seemed to notice. Chris did.

 Feeling was not a comfortable thing for me and avoiding it with chemicals was my preferred way of coping. It stopped working and everything fell apart. After years of talking through and often past therapists, Chris had me do something totally different: Connect to my heart. To speak to it and from it.

 I really believed the darkness inside me would consume me. Control me. Kill me... The somatic and mindfulness approach Chris took with me helped me take that frightening, 12-inch journey from my head to my heart, and he did so with love, patience and compassion. Words were often taken from me and I looked to breath, to art, to the abstract, to images, sensations and actual feelings! I learned that recovery is not about never experiencing negative emotions, but how to sit with them, integrate them, not be so afraid of them and to have tools to process them.

 I know I did a ton of hard work but I have no doubt that unlike any therapist I had ever worked with, Chris was the conduit for a deeper healing. He helped give me my life back. He is one of the biggest reasons I know and love myself today. As a result of this, I can know and love my friends, my family and my wife. I had hope and belief in nothing and Chris gave me hope and belief in myself. He showed me the magic of living and the grace of transformation." - Steve B


 - "Chris has a way of opening up a direct line to the hearts of his clients.  It starts with the genuine compassion and honor he holds for each individual and then develops into the sacredness he holds for each person he works with that allows them to see into their own hearts and feel the stirrings of love and compassion for oneself.  Loving ourselves is often one of the most difficult experiences in life but Chris has helped me (and countless others) to see what he sees and to find a way to be loving in our self perceptions in a way that is life changing.   Chris is a true heart light ... Shining on for ALL to see."

 K. Rose


  - "When entering the room the energy and spirit Chris embodies, affords the safety and trust necessary for a sacred breath experience.  It was both an honor and privilege to work along-side such a creative and gifted individual during our time together at The Refuge. Chris gives his heart to each person who crossed his path and in the transformative journey that follows.  Not a soul who has been touched by his giving and nurturing nature stands disappointed."

 S. Avery


-  "I have worked closely with Mr. Causey through The Refuge Spirit to Spirit Program as my gifted teacher, spiritual guide and now dear friend. During Spirit to Spirit as a student, I was able to experience Chris in the most intimate ways. We shared the identification of soul wounds utilizing the most amazing techniques of experiential, spiritual, holistic, meditative, and emotional therapeutic avenues to resolve and evolve beyond trauma.

 Working with Mr. Causey has inspired me to achieve higher goals, because he encouraged me to reach out past my boundaries and because of that challenge I was able to become a Trauma Professional myself as well as dig deep and work through my own historic traumas. His uniqueness implements solution in the broken individual.

 When asked, Chris has given helpful criticisms of my work and then would volunteer to help me implement the solutions. He is a team player on YOUR team! Chris is an individual who could always be counted on to put in more than his share of the work and resolution."

 J. Morris


- "Tonya and Chris have a deep caring for each and every client that goes through the "healing from within" trauma intensive. There is an authentic connection by therapeutic bond of integrity for all that come to begin again their lives and move into an awareness level that is epic in transforming lives. 

The intensives provide a safe environment for the participant to explore mind, body, and spirit the delicate places they are holding wounds and scars so deep it might be the first time they can open to share. 

No one is pushed but the process of the group trust reveals the layers tha need to be shed for their clients to have renewed hopes that they may move forward into a bright new future full of self confidence and self love. 

I have observed their clients change for the better completely. I highly recommend Chris and Tonya as experts in this field. That this fast a healing can take place is like no other program out there, it is amazing!"

David S - Somatic Psychotherapist - Documentary Filmmaker